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supports parents in raising young learners

The mission of Baby and Me: Learning Together is to provide parent education and support to parents with children through age 3 so that parents can enhance their child's developmental outcomes.

Baby and Me believes strongly in early intervention. We aim to give families with young children the information and support necessary to bring up healthy children who enter school ready to learn.

Baby and Me hopes to impact the literacy skills of kindergarten classes in 2019 and 2020. If those 100-plus children arrive prepared to learn, it benefits all children in the class, and should decrease demands on the Special Education budget for the following 12 years!

Since Baby and Me first launched in 2015, there have been three cohorts, and a fourth cohort is being enrolled. That means Baby and Me will have served over 70 families, many of which have more than one child. All told, the program has now reached over 100 children!

How to connect with us

Main Office
196 North Pleasant St.
Amherst, MA 01002
(413) 461-0556

Executive Director
Angela Roell, M.Ed.
(413) 345-6722

Our vision and values

Our vision is that all students will enter kindergarten prepared with developmentally appropriate skills.

Baby and Me: Learning Together embraces these values:

  • Parents are children's first teachers and know their child best.
  • All parents want the best for their children.
  • Children learn best through face-to-face interaction and play.
  • Cognitive development occurs within the context of all other areas of development.
  • Children do not come with instructions -- parents need support and education in their role.